Jeet Se Aagey Cricket Tournament-2019

date-iconOctober 08, 2019

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PEN is working for the brighter future of Pakistan by providing standard education to the children and side by side it organizes sports and games sessions in its adopted government schools so that the students can actively and energetically participate in their lives. JEET SAY AAGEY CRICKET TOURNAMENT is an initiative in this regard which have been in practice from many years in PEN schools. We are pleased to share the successful completion of this tournament in the running year 2019  organized by our Co-curricular Officer Ms. Arooj Javed along with the PEN team.

The tournament was started from 19th September 2019 and ended at 8th October 2019. Our 20 PEN adopted government schools from Lahore participated in this cricket tournament (Jeet Say Aagey) and gave tough targets to each other. Participants were selected from Primary and Secondary grades and the tournament was divided into 4 rounds.

Qualifying Round

Qualifying round was the first round of the tournament that was from 19th September 2019 till  27th September 2019.  20 schools exceptionally played well against each other and 8 schools qualified for the next round. Students were served with the refreshment including candies and juices and encouraged to play enthusiastically in the next round.

Students of PEN Committee energetically participated to maintain the discipline of audience during the matches under the supervision of PEN teachers.

Quarter Final Round

Quarter Final round was the second round of the tournament in which 8 schools participated. Started from 1st  October 2019 till 3rd  October 2019. Teams were enriched with energy when they entered in the ground. In all matches the opening teams set difficult targets for their competitive teams. The other teams set great examples of team work for the fulfillment of their targets. 8 schools succeeded and qualified in the next round.  In all these days PEN committee students and teachers performed well to maintain the discipline of audience during the matches. Juices and candies were served to both team players, PEN teachers and members of PEN Student Committee.

Semi Final Round

Semi Final round was the third round of Jeet Say Aagey Cricket Tournament 2018 where teams were highly passionate for their goals. All the teams were excited and wanted to be the part of final round and to get the prestige title of Winner Team Jeet Say Aagey Cricket Tournament 2019. All the participants were  motivated for Semi Final round.

Tuesday 1st  October 2019 and Thursday 3rd  October 2019 were the days when teams were at front in play grounds of Govt. Middle School Keer Kalan , Govt. Boys Primary School Shershah, B Block, GPS. 5B1 and GBPS. Attari.  

The teams were full of energy and skillfully played in the ground. Teams set good examples of achievement of targets. Finally, Govt. Middle School Keer Kalan and Govt. Boys Primary School Shershah won the Semi Final round.

PEN Teachers and PEN Committee Students again remained a big support by providing their services in organizing the matches.

Cash prizes and medals were awarded to both the winner team and runner up team which boosted up the power and stamina of the teams for the upcoming final round.

All the members were served with the juices and candies. 

Final Round

8th  October 2019 was the day Finale - Jeet Say Aagey Cricket Tournament 2019. Venue of the match was Govt. Boys Middle School Keer Kalan. The captains and teams were fully energetic and enthusiastic to get the title of Winner Team Jeet Say Aagey 2019.  Mr. Shahid Ali Shah DEO,  Dr. Javed Atta Counselor, Keer Kalan and Mr. Abdul Aziz, Social worker graced the tournament as chief guests.

Mrs Sarwat Sultana, Academic Head, PEN and Mrs. Nusrat Jabeen Head Training & Evaluation, PEN  joined the event along with the members of PEN Academy and Administration. Match was an episode of fun and excitement for the students of the school.

Event was started by singing the national anthem. Team of Govt. Boys Middle School Keer Kalaan won the toss and started balling and tried hard to give their best.

Finally, Govt. Boys Middle School Keer Kalaan won the match by scoring 135 scores in 8 overs. The joy of the winning team knew no bounds. All the spectators were overjoyed and cheered all the teams up throughout the game. The players also expressed the desired attributes throughout the match like sportsman spirit, unity, team work, tolerance, leadership and support. Embedding these behavioral traits among the students was the main purpose behind organizing such activity. All the Head Teachers and teachers appreciated the efforts of PEN.

 It was a big achievement for the team of Keer Kalaan School as they scored a  hat trick  in   Jeet Say Aagey Cricket Tournament .

Prize Distribution Ceremony

A prize distribution ceremony was held at the end  and all players of cricket teams were awarded with cash prizes, medal and trophies. All the participating teams were given a Sports kit. (Cricket kit, Football, Ludo, Skipping rope, Dart set, Badminton, Chess and Scrabble ). Ahmed Raza Waris was declared as the ‘Man of the Match’ for scoring 77 valuable runs and taking 3 wickets. He was given a set of “Bat and Ball” as a token of appreciation. Mr. Shahid Ali Shah DEO congratulated the winner team and appreciated the efforts of PEN which is striving hard to bring positive changes in public schools.

The team spirit of players was highly appreciated and they celebrated their achievement by snow spray and opening party poppers.


All the staff members, both teams and custodial staff were served with the refreshment of lunch (Biryani and Juices). 


It was a big day for  PEN students  which had passed and left beautiful memories in the minds of students, teachers and all the members present there. All the Govt. staff was highly appreciated for being such a great support throughout the journey of PEN Jeet Say Aagey Cricket Tournament 2019.

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