PEN Adopts 12 Government Schools in Islamabad

date-iconApril 02, 2019

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Place Description HereProgressive Education Network (PEN) and the Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) have signed a Letter of Understanding at the Secretariat in Islamabad today to adopt 12 Government schools located in the Islamabad Capital Territory.

According to the Letter of Understanding, PEN will adopt 12 Government schools under FDE in Barahkau, Islamabad and transform them into model schools. PEN will also mobilize the local community to enroll out-of-school children and improve student retention. The Letter of Understanding was signed between Dr. Muhammad Najeeb Khan, Chief Executive of Progressive Education Network (PEN) and Ms Sadia Adnan, Director of Federal Directorate of Education.

The Federal Directorate of Education has launched this initiative to significantly reduce the number of out-of-school children in Islamabad Capital Territory by partnering with non-profit organizations under an innovative Public-Private Partnership Framework.

Progressive Education Network (PEN), is a non-profit company, registered under Section 42 of the Companies Ordinance 1984 with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan, that provides quality education to under-privileged children across Pakistan. “We operate with the highest level of corporate governance and transparency,” said Dr Muhammad Najeeb Khan, CEO PEN.

Presently, PEN is providing quality education to over 60,000 students through a network of 244 public schools nationwide. PEN adopts underserved Government schools under a Public-Private Partnership agreement. This allows PEN to build on Government’s existing infrastructure and implement reforms focusing on student enrollment, retention, drop-out, and international academic standards. PEN model focuses on provision and training of teachers, student learning and assessment, and character-building in addition to providing vital missing facilities. In the last two years, PEN’s intervention in public schools has produced positive outcomes: student enrolment has increased by 53 percent, and students’ average test scores have improved by 32 percent. We have also ensured that PEN students have access to basic amenities, such as clean drinking water, proper washrooms, clean school premises, etc. 

 “It is part of our mandate to enroll out-of-school children and to provide them a quality education. In this regard, we are partnering with like-minded organizations under a Public-Private Partnership model to deliver positive outcomes. We are pleased with the performance of PEN in other districts of Pakistan and would like them to replicate their successes in Islamabad,” said Ms. Sadia Adnan. Dr. Muhammad Najeeb Khan stated at the occasion, “We will implement academic reforms in the newly-adopted schools and initiate digital learning programs to improve student achievement.”

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