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PEN Art Competition 2019

date-iconMay 5, 2019

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PEN Art Competition 2019

PEN believes that Co-curricular activities are made for meeting the students’ requirements and covering a wide range of their talents and abilities.

These  activities also promote enthusiasm, vitality, positive thinking and team spirit which in turn, contribute to their personality development. Keeping these characteristics of co-curricular activities in view, PEN arranges a number of co- curricular activities throughout the year to enhance the creativity among the students.


PEN Art Competition every year provides a chance where creativity of students can be seen exploding in every piece of art.  This year, the Art Competition was held in January 2019, in Primary, Middle and High section of PEN adopted government schools under the supervision of Ms. Arooj Javed, Co – curricular Officer -PEN. The PEN team planned the whole activity and an official letter was sent to the respective schools containing a set of instruction. The main objective of planning this event was to ignite the creative side of the student’s mind and  help develop their finer motor skills. The topic selected for the competition was:

  • Save Water


The competition gave a wonderful opportunity to the students to think out of the box. Students were much motivated. They had shown a significant creativity via art work as every student’s drawing was remarkable. Each of these drawings were done so beautifully and diligently that it was a treat to the eyes. It was an amazing experience to see children coming out of their nutshells so well.

It was tough task for the judges to choose the winner. The criteria for judgement were Neatness, Creativity, Colour Combination , Accuracy in Expression and Overall Effect. Judgement was done by Dr. Muhammad Najeeb Khan, CEO-PEN , Mrs. Sarwat Sultana, Academic Head –PEN, Mrs. Nusrat Jabeen, Head of Training & Evaluation-PEN along with the PEN academic team.


Winners of the competition were invited to the PEN Head Office with their teachers on 20th April, 2019.  The ceremony was honoured with the presence of Mr. Omar Khayyam Sheikh, Director – PEN, Dr. Muhammad Najeeb Khan, CEO- PEN, Mr. Amir Qureshi, General Manager Operations – PEN, Mrs. Sarwat Sultana, Academic Head –PEN, Mrs. Nusrat Jabeen, Head of Training & Evaluation-PEN along with the PEN team


The ceremony started with the name of Almighty Allah followed by naat. Mr. Omar Khayyam Sheikh, Director – PEN and Dr. Muhammad Najeeb Khan, CEO- PEN, awarded the winners with prizes and certificates while the teachers were also being appreciated for their contribution through incentives. Teachers and students were quite pleased and appreciated the efforts of PEN Team. 

Following are the details of winners:


Primary School

Names of Students


Names of Schools

Alishba Fazal

1st Position

GPS. Shershah B-block

Yonus Sabir

2nd Position

GPS. Jore Mori

Dia Ashiq

3rd Position

GPS. Dullu Kalan

Middle School

Faizan Ali

1st Position

GBMMS. Sahdhoki

Rimsha Saleem

2nd Position

CDG. GMS Shah Kamal

Jannat Majeed

3rd Position

GBES. Keer Kalan

High School

Muskan Nabeel

1st Position


GGHS. Gopal Nagar

Amna Taalib

2nd Position

Merryn John

3rd Position




It was indeed a very successful event and a memorable one too as all the students proudly displayed their work and posed happily.

Lunch was served at the end of the ceremony.


Picture Gallery

Students creating their masterpieces.





PEN team during the follow up of the competition.

Students showing off their art work.



Mr. Omar Khayyam Sheikh, Director – PEN and Dr. Muhammad Najeeb Khan, CEO- PEN,

awarding the winners and teachers with prizes and certificates.

Group picture of the winners with the PEN team.


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