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Progressive Education Network conducts various training sessions to enhance interactive and effective teaching in the class rooms of its adopted schools from time to time. Our organization is devoted in equipping the schools with the best practices and management tools to be a force for change in and out of the classroom. Our training programs are carefully designed by taking the gap analysis of classroom teaching into consideration. These sessions help the teachers to plan and execute their lesson content in a much organized and systematic way. This month, a daylong training  was conducted at PEN Head Office on 4th Oct, 2019. 

The training content is as follows:

Training Content


Introducing the trainees to Interactive Board

Ms. Nabila Nargis (Subject Specialist -Urdu & Master Trainer)

Orientation of “PEN Reading Project  ”

Ms. Iqra Ajmal( Subject Specialist-English)

Orientation of “ Science Project- My Science Glossary”

Ms. Faria Hafeez (Assessment & Evaluation Officer)

Orientation of “PEN Math Flash”

Ms. Nosheen Akram ( Subject Specialist-Mathematics )

Distribution of letters for the project “ PEN Budding Writers

Ms. Iqra Ajmal( Subject Specialist-English)



The session was formally initiated by Tilawat from the Holy Quran followed by Naat, by participating teachers.

Introducing the trainees to Interactive White Board

Ms. Nabila Nargis, Subject Specialist Urdu & Master Trainer ,PEN started the session. She introduced the trainees with Interactive White Board, its tools and its usage. She explained that an interactive whiteboard is sort of an instructional tool allowing computer images to present onto a whiteboard using digital projection. The best part of this technology is that the instructor can interact with the image using touch technology or by using a pointer device that is called stylus. The trainer explained by showing the stylus that,  a stylus (or stylus pen) is a small pen-shaped instrument that is used to input commands on the interactive white board. With touchscreen devices, a user places a stylus on the surface of the screen to draw or make selections by tapping the stylus on the screen  Items on the whiteboard can be clicked, dragged, copied and saved. The lecturer can even write on the whiteboard using the stylus after which the text can be saved and distributed among the members of the audience.

The trainer explained the other features of interactive white board that are listed below:

  • Highlighting texts


  • Adding annotations


  • Adding drawings and notes and saving the graphic lecture for future reference and printout copies


  • Complementing the lecture with educational videos and other graphical presentations


  • Demonstrating website content with teacher directed activities


  • Modifying projected image for better understanding of topic element


After explaining the features of interactive white board the trainer, asked the trainees to come to the interactive white board and practice the basic tools on their own. The trainer also distributed the handouts among the trainees for their further guidance.


PEN Reading Project

The main objective of launching this project is to enhance the reading skills of the students. PEN Reading Project is based on high frequency words of English and Urdu. This project is for  class IV and V.  Ms. Iqra Ajmal ( Subject Specialist-English) distributed the reading Lists and score sheets to the PEN school teachers and they were instructed to make students practice these words daily. Execution of the project will take place in the mid of the month of October.

PEN Math Flash.

PEN Math flash project was also introduced by Ms. Nosheen Akram (Subject Specialist Math). The topics of math flash project were Numbers Formation, Numbers in words, Forward & Backward counting, Skip counting, Missing numbers, Tables and Shapes. This project is for the students of class I and II to improve their basic mathematical skills. Relevant material was distributed among PEN teachers.

My Science Glossary

This project is for the students of class III and it is based on the fact of enhancing vocabulary. Ms. Faria Hafeez (Assessment & Evaluation Officer ) told the trainees that this project is very helpful in developing the interest of students in science and also it will enable them to practice Learning by Doing. Students will be making Science Glossary books. They will find the difficult words and terms from their books and submit those to their teachers and the best ones will be selected for incentives.


PEN Budding Writers

To provide a platform for young students PEN organizes essay writing competition “Budding Writers” each year. General instructions were given by Subject Specialist English – Ms. Iqra Ajmal. An official letter was also distributed with all the necessary instructions.


Following are the details:

Target Classes:                                                                  6th ,7th ,8th

Word limit:                                                                          300 - 350

Number of selected entries from each school:                    03

Last Date for submission of essay :                             October 11, 2019

Topic for English:                                                              Reading is a good habit  

Topic of Urdu essay writing:                                          دورِ حاضر میں طلبہ کا کردار                                 



Teachers’ deliverables set a mechanism for keeping a check over teachers’ performance. Being the last segment, teachers were given time to submit their deliverables to their respective PEN supervisors. During one on one interaction, the deliverables were closely scrutinized by their supervisors and their various queries regarding their daily and monthly tasks were addressed. Teachers were provided with suggestions on how to work more efficiently and effectively optimizing their available resources to the maximum.

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