PEN Online Teachers’ Professional Development Program – Winter 2020 Summary (Part 2)

date-iconJanuary 05, 2021

news-icnoAcademics , General

PEN Training

The topic for training was ‘Development of English Language Skills - Let’s be a Fluent Speaker’. The underlying idea was to create realization amongst the teachers of the importance of incorporating English language in their daily lives so the same may be practiced with ease in the school premises. The module contained guidelines and activities to support them in developing their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, expanding vocabulary, and improving the language accuracy through grammar and phonics. 
In the session, trainees learnt how effective communication provides opportunity to learn and share knowledge with each other, to work and accumulate experience, to share moods and emotions, to inform others about events, and to express own opinions. A set of new and innovative ideas was also shared regarding the activities and tasks that teachers can implement in their classrooms. Dialogues and Talks related to current thinking and trends in this sector also came under discussion with the trainees.

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