PEN Online TPDP – Session 1

date-iconJune 10, 2020

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PEN Online TPDP – June 10, 2020

On June 10, 2020 PEN held first online training session for Islamabad, Gujrat and Muzaffargarh. All the Cluster Managers along with their teachers, Dr. Muhammad Najeeb Khan, CEO –  PEN, Academic Head – PEN, Ms Sarwat Sultana, Head Training & Evaluation – PEN, Ms. Nusrat Jabeen and other members of academic and monitoring staff at the head office attended the training.


Ms. Faria Hafeez Butt

(Assessment & Evaluation Officer)

Total Training Hours

48 hrs.

Ms. Faria Hafeez (Trainer) started the training with the name of Almighty followed by Naat (PBUH). The trainer greeted the trainees and gave an outline of the topic “Introduction to ZOOM App and other emerging technologies in education”. She explained the usage of ZOOM Meetings Application and told the trainees that it is a cloud-based conferencing solution that provides both options of video conferencing and screen sharing. Moreover, the ultimate objective of these trainings was to get connected with the teachers who will further collaborate with the parents and give guidance about the zoom application.

To replicate this phenomenon, PEN has started a survey to gauge the number of students with the facility of smartphone and internet. A survey form for Online Teaching has been circulated to all the cluster managers and other relevant staff. The trainer also discussed the questionnaire in the survey form and also the methodology of its submission. The cluster staff was instructed to circulate this form in the PEN adopted schools of their community to gather the data.

CEO – PEN, Dr. Muhammad Najeeb Khan addressed the participants and emphasized on the importance of these trainings and the surveys. He told that teachers are the true change agents that can transform the vision of the nation. They can connect the students and their parents with the true spirit of motivation and dedication.

The participants shared their ideas and gave feedback in appreciation of the efforts made by PEN. They were glad with this healthy interaction and committed to work hard.

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