PEN Teachers’ Online Professional Development Program (TPDP) Report

date-iconMay 08, 2020

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PEN Teachers’Online Professional Development Program (TPDP) Report May 08, 2020

Progressive Education Network has always been endorsed the concept of cyclic trainings for teaching staff throughout the annual academic sessions.A major link in that chain is our monthly trainingsthat allow us to share the frequent developments made in the field of education along with taking feedback from the teachers of our contribution in schools.

Currently, where COVID-19 pandemic outbreak has adversely affected lives across the globe, people associated with our network are also facing its severe consequences. Although the present situation has hindered smooth running of our annual planning of academics and training and monitoring of our adopted schools etc., we have Alhamdulilah, come up with solutions to promote access to quality education for everyone.

PEN Team, after going through all the necessary protocols regarding email addresses and set of instruction for the trainees, for the first time on May 08, 2020 conducted an online Teachers’ Professional Development Program (TPDP) on “Introduction to Life Skills Based Education” through ZOOM Cloud Meetings Application. It was an effort made to help the teachers who are facing disruption in education due to the ongoing paranoia.A total number of 34participants including the PEN academic team attended the 2 hoursonline training session. CEO – PEN, Dr. Muhammad Najeeb Khan also participated.

We persistently work hard to provide teachers with training and development opportunities that are aligned with organizational, vocational and skill requirementswhich ultimately enhance the student achievement.

Miss Nabila Nargis, Master Trainer &Subject Specialist Urdu – PEN, began the session with greetings and introduction to the concept of life skills. She defined that according to World Health Education (WHO) “Life skills are abilities for adaptive and positive behaviour that enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life.”

The objectives of learning Life Skill Education are:

  1. Clearly stating thoughts, feelings and ideas to others
  2. Settling disagreements in ways that are not hurtful with friends, family and society
  3. Identifying one’s own self and living happily
  4. Recognizing one’s own strength and solve problems with utmost positivity

The teachers were explained to think of life skills as the framework that allows students to apply the knowledge, they acquire in school to face real world problems and situations. A perceptible part of the session was spent on emphasizing the importance of ‘Self Assessment’

The trainer further explained that the importance of Life Skill Based Education as she stressed upon the fact these are helpful inenabling the individuals to translate knowledge, attitudes and values into actual abilities – i.e. "what to do and how to do it". Life skills contribute to our perceptions of self-efficacy, self-confidence and self-esteem and therefore play an imperative role in the promotion of mental well-being of students.

Overall, the session was a success, keeping in view the first attempt, as the PEN teachers attended the online training with great enthusiasm, eagerness and preparedness. They were also positive towards attending more of such trainings in the future.

Mrs. Nusrat Jabeen, Head Training & Evaluation – PEN,observed the entire training and gave a thanking note in the end. She also acknowledged the efforts and coordination of the PEN Academic and Training Teamsfor planning, arranging and conducting this session to the best of our available resources. She also appreciated the overwhelming response of the trainees and encouraged them to create their own groups on ZOOM or other online meeting apps to learn and share new techniques of distant education.

Challenges & Recommendations

  • Keeping in view the protocols of online meets, classes or training sessions, we look forward to minimize the technical issues and trainees’ adaptability struggle faced during the session.
  • A disruption and drop of internet signals (bandwidth) were observed several times that we request for some technical advancements by the IT department to overcome the issues.
  • The training department of PEN recommends and aims to conduct online training sessions in rest of the PEN clusters and especially in PEIMAadopted model where we have a large number of teachers and staff. All the cluster staff will be instructed accordingly to replicate their training sessions. This is a needful to upskill teachers with the latest knowledge, and to help them refresh their existing knowledge and make it more practical even during the quarantined life.
  • The training department will shortly be sharing a detailed schedule of the online meets and trainings to be conducted in the future. (Insha Allah)

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