Our Approach

Focus on Primary Education

We are mainly focused on primary education where development of student’s reading, writing and arithmetic skills plays a critical role in their future academic success.


Public-Private Partnership Framework

After evaluating several models in the education sector from around the world, PEN Founders decided that it was much more efficient to adopt underserved public schools over a long period of time; this would allow us to add and build on their existing infrastructure and have an immediate impact on the student population by implementing our own reforms and programs.

We believe that instead of investing resources on ‘brick and mortar’, we can leverage the existing infrastructure of public schools to focus on what goes on inside the classroom.

Improvement of Academic Standards

The highest percentage of our resources goes towards academic improvement and educational initiatives for the children; which entails teachers’ training, addition of teachers, enrolment campaigns, co-curricular activities, I.T. education, etc.

Co-Curricular Activities

Co-curricular activities are also significant part of our standard intervention in public schools. We organize inter-school sports competitions as well as debates, creative writing, Qirat, Naat, quizes and Spellathon.

Provision of Missing Facilities

In terms of infrastructure, our intervention is limited to provision of basic amenities to the students and teachers, ensuring their access to clean and cold drinking water, properly-lit and ventilated classrooms, suitable washrooms, and furniture.